> CucuTokMat: L.O.V.E~~ ( 12 Nov 2010)

L.O.V.E~~ ( 12 Nov 2010)

I know I can make you happy
You've said I have before
But you won't give me a chance
To become something more

My feelings never went away
I haven't stopped loving you
I tried hard from time to time
But, if anything, they only grew

Before all else, you are my friend
The best one I have ever had
And I love you so much as that
But when you're away I'm always sad

When I see you I just light up
A few seconds with you make my day
But as you leave, it all goes wrong
I always hope that you will stay

What happens when I walk away
Is that thoughts go though my head
Like that you'll never be mine
But will love another, instead

We know each other very well
Some might even say too much
We finish each other's sentences
And never argue or things as such

The bond we've grown together
Many couples simply lust
Also, and most importantly
We have each others trust

Trust is hard to get these days
Almost no one is sincere
But if one of us says something
We believe it without fear

We have what's needed to be happy
All it needs is just a chance
So I hope that one day soon
You'll let us have our own romance

But until that yearning day is here
I'll just see my sorrow through
And keep waiting patiently
Always deeply loving you

khas utk si TIKUS.... :)